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Roxane's genuine passion for singing is stemming from her experiences as a teenager, when she forged her tools singing for various college and high school Rock Bands.
After going through university and passing various degrees with flying colors, (Master’s Degrees of Arts and Music Administration) she decided to dedicate her hard working proficiencies to jazz and the CRR of Paris.
There, she was given the opportunity to study the art of free improvisation with Claudia Solal, to learn the intricacies of Jazz with Sara Lazarus and to explore opera singing with François Lévy and Caroline Fèvre.
She is also very interested in various other musical universes like contemporary music and Rock but remains deeply passionate with singing possibilities.





DE de Chant Jazz au Pôle sup' 93

DEM de Jazz au CRR de Paris

DEM de Chant lyrique au CRR de Paris - Cma 17

Master Administration et gestion de la musique - Paris IV Sorbonne

Master de Lettres classiques Université Rennes II


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